Birthing the Quintuplets

Babies were born on Saturday, October 10, 2015.  At that point, I was in the hospital for 5 1/2 weeks and although I wanted to stay pregnant for their sake, I was so excited to meet my little miracles.  There were close to 50 people in the delivery rooms.  Yes, I said roomS.  The hospital reserved two operating rooms to accommodate the litter of children that were about to be introduced to the world.  They are the first set of quintuplets to be born in Hawaii so there was a lot of excitement in the air that day.  No one there had delivered this many babies.  It was a day the hospital had been preparing for the moment they found out about my quints.  Really, they’ve had mock sessions leading up to this day to ensure all ran smoothly, and it did.

Baby A was born at 5:02 pm and they announced “It’s a boy”.  Immediately, I thought to myself “Oh no!  I’m having all boys?”.  Throughout my pregnancy, my little girl was identified as Baby A.  Naturally, I thought she’d come out first but she didn’t.  Baby B, born at 5:03 pm was my baby girl.  Babies C, D & E followed all a minute apart.  But who was who?  I named them all while they were in me, and obviously they didn’t come out in the same order we’ve been identifying them for months.

Eventually, based on their weight and the doctors recollection of their positions during the birth, we figured out who was who.  It was important to me to be able to identify them individually because they were all given names based on their personality and different circumstances during the pregnancy (I’ll share how we named them in a separate post).


This photo was taken on May 16, 2016  L-R:  Kapena (Baby A), Kaolu (Baby E), Kamali’i (Baby B), Kupono (Baby C) & Keahi (Baby D)


One thought on “Birthing the Quintuplets

  1. Your children are so beautiful, every single one of them and I enjoyed reading your story. I give you both big props for doing what your doing, but DAD gets the credit his so deserving of for doing the unimaginable. Raising the children as the stay at home mom…I wonder how he does it only because it is seldom done that way. It’s usually always the part of the mother to raise there children while daddy is the bread winner of the family. The only real thing that I’m sorry to hear is that there’s no help. Is there no grandparents or family to lend a helping hand? I would have enjoyed helping out, and its the first time I’m hearing your story…


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