Meet Kaolu

The last of the the pack, Kaolu was born at 5:06pm weighing 2lbs 10.3oz and 14.17 inches. He is my happy,smiley baby boy.  I knew he’d be this way while still pregnant. During an ultrasound he flashed the “I love you” sign and another time it looked as if he was reaching out to Keahi for a hug.  He was also the first to flash me a smile.  

His name was a bit of a happy accident.  I knew I wanted to name one of my boys after my Uncle Ronald.  I would be honored to have a child like him.  He is hard-working, dependable and probably one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met.  His middle name is Japanese – Kaoru.  Switch the R to an L and we got Kaolu (the letter r does not exist in the Hawaiian alphabet).  It was so fitting because Kaolu means pleasant in Hawaiian.

I wrote about TTTS in my last post.  Kaolu was the other baby who was directly affected by this disorder…the recipient.  Because he was receiving extra nutrients, he was the biggest of the boys.

About 4 months into my pregnancy, the doctors performed a procedure called Amniocenteses.  650cc’s of fluid was drained using a long needle through my belly.  There were two doctors and a nurse there.  One doctor with the needle & the other doctor performing an ultrasound to see  how deep they needed to go and make sure the baby wasn’t affected. Luckily, that was the one and only procedure needed.

Both Kaolu and Keahi are happy, healthy baby boys.  They were partners in the womb and now share a crib.  Kaolu loves to laugh and is extremely ticklish.  He is a chub-a-lub. Although he appears to be the biggest because of his round face and chubby cheeks, Kupono out-weighs him by a pound.  

Kaolu will always hold a special place in my heart since he’s the baby of the family (even if it’s only by a minute). #ilovemykaolu

Click here to watch a short video of Kaolu

One thought on “Meet Kaolu

  1. What an amazing story of faith & love! May God continue to Bless your family! We will be moving to Hawaii in November, for the military, with our IVF miracle. After trying for entire 15 year marriage. I would love to meet your family & help in any way. I will be a stay at home mom with our precious baby born in March!


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