An Unforgettable Day

This Father’s Day has been a day we’ll remember forever.  Not only did my children spend the day with their father and my father; they were dedicated to our Heavenly Father.  Pastor Jon Burgess of New Hope Oahu brought our family on stage during the 11 a.m. service. He invited all the other pastors on stage and asked the entire church to pray for our family. Looking out into the audience and seeing everyone reaching out to us was an unforgettable moment. The entire church was praying for us. The Pastor led them in prayer for me, my husband, our six children and all those who’ll help raise them.

I also had an opportunity to share our testimony which will be shared at all 5 services during the first weekend of July. God has blessed us with these children and was with me during every step throughout this journey; especially during the darkest, scariest moments. I am amazed at all He has done for us and can’t wait to see what’s in our future. #blessed

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