Hauoli La Hanau

365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, 1 year.  No matter how you say it, I can’t believe it!  On October 10th, we had a small celebration with family at home for the babies’ first birthday. It was a last-minute gathering, as we knew we’d be celebrating with 300 of our closest family and friends in less than a week.

Their Luau was nothing short of a success.  The music was great, the food was ono, and most importantly, the babies were on their best behavior while surrounded with love. They were all lined up in their high chairs at the entrance of the hall greeting their guests.

We’ve created so many memories during this first year of their lives.  We welcomed them into this world not knowing what to expect at just 1 and 2 pounds each.  I could’ve never imagined how much I would learn in the next few months.  Having a baby (or babies) born prematurely sure teaches you a lot.  Life is so fragile.  We’ve been blessed that all of our babies are strong, healthy and happy today.  We pray that their lives are similar to what they’ve experienced in this first year; that they remain healthy, strong and happy and that they continue to be surrounded by love and positivity.

Ray and I are so honored to be their parents.  We’ll continue to do our best to guide them in life.  We are a team.  We thank everyone who’s there to help us along the way.  After all, if it takes a village to raise a child, we may need the entire state!  Happy Birthday, Babies!

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