I’ve been so emotional lately.  Happiness, sadness, wonder, disappointment & hope have been on my heart and mind lately.

I don’t understand many things that have happened in my life.  All the bad, and strangely, mostly the good.  How was I chosen to live this life?  I feel underserving, but so very grateful.  I don’t even know how to describe what I’m feeling.

What I absolutely know is that I will never be able to express how blessed I feel each and every day.  I know that my experiences in life have taught me to learn from my past, deal with the present, to love life, and live for today.  I know that God could not have chosen another person to love my children more than I do.  I know that God gave me these gifts, and was there with me the entire time.  He carried me and held me through the scariest time of my life.  He kept me calm, He kept me healthy, and He watched over us all.


A meeting convened one day in Heavens Sacred Hall. 

The ideal Mother must be found for Quints so sweet and small.

She must be patient, first of all, and kind, and calm, and wise.

And capable of chasing tears away from little eyes.

She’d have to put her children first and be so very smart.

Have dedication and resolve; a sweet and loving heart.

They all agreed you were the best, no other Mom would do.

Yes, heaven found the perfect one and sent those Quints to you.




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