Meet Kapena

Kapena was born at 5:02pm on October 10, 2015 @ 2lbs 1.7oz & 13.78 inches long.  Due to his positioning during my pregnancy, I knew he’d be the first boy of the bunch so I named him Kapena which means Captain in Hawaiian.  To our surprise, he beat his sister out and was the first of the quintuplets to be born.

Kapena has been the most surprising to me.  I thought he’d be a little more laid back than he actually is.  During the first few months of his life he was a little quiet and observant.  His personality is sure developing into an expressive, silly boy.  He is the most “talkative” of the bunch and  is fascinated by feet.  If he sees someone’s feet, it amuses him to no end and he won’t  stop laughing.  Just today, he was holding onto Makaio’s foot with the cutest smile on his face…just mesmerized.  Hmmm, maybe he’ll be a Podiatrist.

Here’s a picture of his own foot at just over one month old

While in the NICU (and out of the incubator) Kapena shared a crib with his sister Kamali’i.  Since then, there’s been a strong bond between the two of them.  Now, he’s “rooming” with his brother Kupono in the same crib.  They, too have created a bond.
We’ll see what kind of role he’ll play amongst all the Keiki (children).  Will he live up to his name and be the leader of the pack?  Or will he be overpowered by one of his brothers or sister?  Maybe he’ll be distracted by their feet while they run all over him! #ilovemykapena

Click here to view a short video of Kapena 

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