Meet Kamali’i

Hawaiian royalty would refer to their children as Kamali’i.  

My sweet girl is our princess.  Kamali’i was born second at 5:03 pm weighing in at 2lbs 11oz and 14.17 inches long.  She was the biggest at birth.  We were so excited to see what she looked like when she finally arrived; we had numerous ultrasounds during my pregnancy but never had a look at her face.  She was camera shy.

When we finally saw her, she took our breath away.  She was so feminine and her dark eyes pierced through our hearts.

Her brothers outgrew her quick, and she’s now the tiniest of them all.  She’s quiet, sweet, sassy & still a little camera shy. Getting a picture of her smiling is sweet victory.

People always comment about her never having a boyfriend because of her brothers, but I have a feeling she’ll give the girls who come around a run for their money.

Kamali’i is the most independent one of them all.  She doesn’t need to be held, rarely cries, and is content all alone in her crib.  I often hear her singing and it’s the sweetest sound ever.  #ilovemykamalii

Click here to watch a short video of Kamali’i

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