Meet Kupono

Kupono is the one that makes me giggle at just the mere thought of him. He was born third at 5:04pm and weighed 2lbs 6.8oz and was 14.57 inches long.  He was the longest of them all.  While pregnant, we referred to Kupono as Baby E since he was the last baby that was discovered.  We thought we were having quads for an entire month before we knew he was in there.  I’ll never forget that day; it was July 1st.

Kupono was a little character from very early on. I referred to him as Crazy, Sexy, Ku because of his mannerisms.  Here is a picture of him while in the NICU that looks like he’s lying out on the beach with glasses on just kickin’ back catching some rays.


Just 8 days old and already a character!

Kupono is now the biggest of all. Still the “tallest”, he’s also the heaviest weighing 5 pounds heavier than his sister.  This little giant is a rascal.  He has a mischievous look on his face that makes me believe he’ll be a joker, an instigator, and the one that’ll egg-on the others to do things that’ll get them in trouble (and then laugh at them when they do).  Hawaiians would call him “Kolohe”.

He’s also the most affectionate towards his siblings. All the babies hold hands with each other but he does it the most.  He’ll reach out to whoever is next to him almost 100% of the time to hold their hand.  I’ve started a collection of pictures of them holding hands and I’m positive he’ll be in majority of the pictures.  So sweet.

I was drawn to the name Kupono because of its meaning. It means everything I want my children to be; honest & righteous.  No matter how Kolohe he is, I hope he lives up to his name.  #ilovemykupono

click here to watch a short video of Kupono

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