Duct Tape, a Leaf Blower & a Vacuum

Duct Tape, a Leaf Blower & a hand-held vacuum are essential for Ray as he takes care of the quints.  Let’s not forget the zip ties, rope and Velcro.  This sounds more like tools for a crime than what you’d find around a home with quintuplets.

Yes, we’ve purchased some actual baby-proofing items, but as the babies began to explore more, we’ve had to adapt.  My husband is a true MacGyver and an awesome problem solver.  If something is unsafe, he’ll find a way to fix it.  It’s like a constant battle between the babies and daddy.  One minute, you hear him scolding one of the boys for opening the microwave.  The next minute, I’m having trouble opening it myself.  Is it broken?  Nope.  There’s just white duct tape holding the door shut!

It didn’t surprise me to come home to 4 additional gates he made out of a dismantled crib.   How about the gates for the babies play area (or baby jail) tied to our furniture?  Toys zip tied to various objects around the house so the babies won’t hit each other with them but still be able to play with them.  It’s uncanny!

If you’re ever over for a visit, you’re almost guaranteed to hear the sound of the vacuum sucking up any evidence that there are 5 two-year old’s running around.  Or, you’ll witness him cleaning their mess after a meal with the leaf blower (most times they’re fed outside).  No matter what he does, its for one purpose: to have a safe environment for our kiddos.

It’s amazing, ridiculous, smart and a little excessive all at the same time and I’ll take it all.

I love him.

He’ll never know how grateful I am for taking such great care of our kids.  He goes above and beyond for our family and I don’t know a single person (including myself) that could take better care of our kids AND do all he does around the home.


love quote


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