Makaio Heads to Preschool

There’s so much confliction.  How is it possible that my baby is headed to school?  I know its only preschool, but still, its such a huge milestone.  My Makaio is becoming more and more independent by the minute.  I’m so proud of him.  At only 2 years old, his world was changed forever.  Just after turning 2, still only a baby himself, Makaio welcomed 5 itty bitty babies into his life with open arms and a huge heart.  Nearly two fast and furious years later, he’s making the first steps into his future.  A future I pray that will include happiness and success; whatever that means to him.

August 15th was his first day of preschool and he was oh so excited.  Myself and my husband were also excited, but anxious (as most parents are).  About halfway through the day, we received an email with a collage of pictures and a short note letting us know Makaio was doing great.  It was such a wonderful surprise!


Just about 11 hours after dropping him off, I was finally there to pick him up.  I was so excited to hear all about his day, but he wasn’t as excited to see me.  In fact, he wanted to finish his puzzle he was working on.  After the teacher told him he can play with it tomorrow, I had his attention and he was a little more excited to see me.  When I asked how his day was, he said “Mommy, I love it!”  Music to my ears!  I know we made the right decision to send him to preschool.  Although daddy is home with the babies and we could have kept him home for a couple more years, we though it was best for him to get  out and learn.  It’s financially harder for us but we’ll somehow make it work.  He deserves all that we can give him.

For those of you who know my family or follow us on Instagram (@quintuplets_of_hawaii), you can see how great of a big brother he is.  He is a special boy and owns a huge piece of my heart.  His personality is unlike any other and I can’t express how proud of him I am.


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