Oh, the Personalities!

It’s still so interesting to me that our babies are so very different from one another.  Their personalities are emerging ever so quickly and its not shaped by their surroundings, social media or society.  It’s just them; natural.

Makaio is an entertainer.  He loves to sing.  Songs he’s learned and songs he makes up.  He’s a natural with babies.  I’m not sure if its because he’s been around lots of babies in daycare, or if its an instinct, but boy is he a great big brother!  Now that the babies are getting bigger, he plays with them more.  With that, comes a lot of laughter and a lot of tears.  The tears usually come from him because he’s constantly getting scolding for playing too rough.  In his defense, the babies are cracking up laughing as they’re getting tackled by him, but its still something we have to closely monitor.  This boy is so smart and we’re hoping to get him into a good preschool later this year.


Kapena.  He’s my lazy boy.  So full of smiles lately.  He’s the oldest of the quints and I often call him my crybaby.  In all fairness, I shouldn’t be calling him that because no one really cries too much.  He’s just the most cautious of the bunch.  When we’re out ‘n about, strangers can approach them and no one will cry.  But when we’re home and a stranger comes over or someone he hasn’t seen in a while comes by, he’ll begin to cry.  He’s like my very own guard dog.  I also call Kapena the romantic one.  His eyes are going to get him into trouble with the girls.  When he looks at you, its like he’s looking deep into your soul.  He’s very affectionate, observant and sweet.  Always hanging around Mommy or Daddy if we’re near.

Then there’s Kamali’i.  Our little girl.  I giggle a little just thinking about her.  She is another character but in a different way.  With so many nicknames come many different personalities.  She’s serious, but fun.  Stern, but gentle.  Smart, Sassy, Sweet, Bossy, Stubborn & very very caring.  She may not be quick to smile (especially to strangers) but she likes to entertain her brothers.  Whether its dancing, playing peek-a-boo or poking and prodding at them, it works.  Recently I’ve noticed how emotionally connected she is with others.  If someone is upset, she notices.  I’ve witnessed on a few occasions where Kamali’i offers a toy to someone who’s upset.  What a sweet gesture!

Kupono is my big boy.  He’s big, he’s clunky and oh so charming (and boy does he know it).  He has a thing with his eyebrows – so expressive.  I can tell when he’s done something wrong because his eyebrows are so far up his forehead, it’s a dead give-away.  The most “laid back” of the boys, he rarely gets upset over things, but when he does you can totally see it in his face.  Although laid back, he surely likes to chat.  He has a lot to say and I imagine he won’t hesitate to share what’s on his mind.  He’s head-strong, determined, a little bit of a flirt and just simply “Ku”.

My Keahi.  My firecracker, fireball, dreamy-eyed little one.  He’s still the smallest of the bunch, but don’t let his size fool you.  He’s not afraid to defend himself and is definitely not afraid to express himself when he’s upset.  He can get angry quick.  The good thing is that you can also calm him down pretty quickly as well.  He’s a silly little goose that giggles a lot and loves one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy.  Along with Kamali’i, he loves to dance.  He’ll be one of the first to start grooving to any type of music we play.  His moves aren’t as aggressive as his sister, but he’s feeling the music…you can see it in his cute little face.

…and then there’s Kaolu.  I call him my very own Curious George.  He gets into anything and everything he can get his paws on.  Adventurous, Rascal and full of life.  This boy is always smiling and laughing.  I don’t know what he’s smiling at half the time, but i’ll take it!  He’s also the most aggressive.  Don’t mess with his toys.  He’ll fight you for it, or shall I say he’ll BITE YOU for it.



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